I have been a patient of Dr. Marlino for over 9 years and have had, by far, the
best care I have ever received from a physician. Over the 9 years, I was under
the care of Dr. Marlino with 3 of my 4 children.

Our relationship was routine yet genuine, and the deliveries we’re
normal untilmy fourth pregnancy. That is when I realized
that Dr. Marlino is more than just a “doctor”.

My fourth pregnancy was typical of my previous pregnancies - until I got very
ill at 26 weeks. I experienced a severe cough, high fever, etc. The pain in my
chest became so unbearable that I ended up in the Emergency Room. Within
24 hours, my world was forever changed. I did not have just a cold; my 26-
week-old baby was putting so much pressure on my lungs that it was causing
excruciating pain in my lungs. After a series of tests, doctors soon learned that
I had a cancerous tumor in my left lung. Within a day, the doctors performed a
biopsy to sample the tissue, and the needle caused my lung to collapse. I wasn’t
aware, but the hospital went into a Code Blue emergency…with a baby in my
womb. Needless to say, it was chaotic.

I was very sick, and very scared for myself, for my three children, and for the
health of baby #4. I now had a team of doctors at my side at all times and
was in the Intensive Care Unit due to my lung collapse. My team included an
Obstetrician, an Oncologist, a Pulmonologist, a Thoracic Surgeon, a NICU team,
and the list goes on and on. Our family was completely overwhelmed.

Throughout this ordeal, Dr. Marlino went above and beyond the call of a
physician’s duty and helped our family deal with this tenuous situation. Not only
was she there to help me as a professional, she was there to help our family
emotionally and spiritually.

I had to prematurely deliver my child at 32 weeks and head to another hospital
to deal with my cancer. Dr. Marlino assured me that she would take care of
my little Courtney Hope in the NICU, and she delivered on her promise while I
had to spend a week in a different hospital, away from my newborn, receiving
surgery. She not only helped me deal with the physical and emotional strain of
my situation, but helped nurture my preemie while I couldn’t. This time brought
our family together in a way that we never envisioned, and Dr. Marlino became
an important part of our family unit.

I consider Dr. Marlino a friend, a mentor, an advisor, an advocate for
my family’s spiritual and emotional wellbeing – and an incredible doctor.
It isn’t that often that a doctor plays such a significant role in someone’s life. I
have had many doctors over the years, and most are very good at what they
do, but Dr. Marlino understands that being a doctor is more than just treating
someone’s physical and medical needs, she puts her heart and soul into every
aspect of treating her patients.

-Kristen – Wayne, PA

Please accept my thanks for the extraordinary medical care I received as your patient.
I have complete confidence in your judgment and medical skills. Any questions I have,
you answer completely and patiently. You always give me your full attention
and never rush the appointment until you make sure I understand the medical reasons
for your advice. You are a wonderful doctor, and I have recommended you
to so many looking for a compassionate and dedicated physician


I have been a patient of Dr. Marlino’s for about 5 years and plan to be for many more.
She takes the time to ensure my questions are answered, and any concerns
are addressed promptly. She is truly the most wonderful doctor I know.

Two years ago my Husband and I went through a very unfortunately set of circumstances
with our first child and lost him at 40 weeks. There was truly an angel watching over me
because Dr. Marlino was the doctor on call that night. She sat by my bed side for
several hours just listening and offering any answers she could. I was fortunate enough
to become pregnant shortly after and saw Dr. Marlino for every visit. She held my hand
through my entire pregnancy to ensure I held my new beautiful baby boy in my arms.
I no longer consider her just my doctor, she is a true member of my family.
You are missing out on the best OB experience if you do not have her in your life.